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Stunning architecture enhances any urban environment, with quality homes and other buildings being primary factors that help make a city more livable and visually appealing. Famed architects have left their mark on properties throughout the various neighborhoods of Seattle. Some were natives of the area, while others were drawn to the city’s energy and natural beauty. Home styles have taken many shapes over the past 175 years and reflect the distinct eras of Seattle’s history, from the times of the Gold Rush to the aerospace boom to the modern, futuristic look of the 21st century.

Team Torres has a storied history of working with architecturally significant homes, a passion that’s taken shape over many years. These properties offer an opportunity to become immersed in Seattle’s rich history as part of a city that has been built and rebuilt, decade by decade. Many of these homes have been significantly impacted by several contrasting styles and influences from around the world. Often, these influences are on full display upon arriving at the property, though sometimes their mysteries are more subtle and need to be explored more in-depth. All these properties have features that add character and inspire the mind, and those are stories that Team Torres is interested in telling. Our marketing for these properties reflects the research and attention to detail we take to highlight every nook and cranny, while also telling the story behind the architect who designed the home.

Anker Molver

Born in Norway, raised in Seattle, and inspired by Japan, architect Anker Molver brought a truly international perspective to his stunning designs.In his practice, he was deeply inspired byJapanese architecture, and heavily influenced by the works of Ralph Anderson, Paul HaydenKirk, and Arne Bystrom. Molver created bold designs that utilized the natural, often rugged, elements of the Pacific Northwest and molded them into residences of luxury and distinction.He carefully studied the natural surroundings of each project and created homes that reflected and enhanced their unique settings. He emphasized bright, open spaces in his contemporary plans, a concept that was ahead of its time. Various local restaurants were also designed by Molver although most of his work focused on residences.In his later years, Molver split his time between summers in Seattle and a home he personally designed in sunny San Luis Obispo, CA.


3410 74th Ave SE (Mercer Island)


This striking contemporary home boasts an overall design reflecting the natural allure of its individual setting amidst the renowned beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Secluded with the feel of a retreat, the home features a noteworthy architectural style, distinctive custom features, and a highly functional layout.The interior spaces fill with warm natural light and expansive windows frame peaceful tableaus of the greenery that defines the property.

Gene Zema

Zema remains one of the Pacific Northwest’s most recognized and distinctive architects. A graduate of the University of Washington, he made his aesthetic mark on buildings and homes throughout the Seattle area. His iconic residential designs incorporate a keen artisan’s sense of beauty and style. Zema’s works also include many commercial structures, including iconic buildings on the UW campus. Zema, an inveterate world traveler, was heavily influenced by Japanese design. He regularly incorporated natural elements from this region to create a look that is often called Northwest modernism. The Asian and modernist influences combined to create a preference for simplicity in materials and look. Zema’s love of Japanese art was so great that he operated a Japanese antiquities shop for many years on Eastlake. Eclectic in tastes, he was also very interested in the art of the area’s indigenous peoples and his projects often contained motifs from the heritage of these groups. His interiors often reflect his refined appreciation of dramatic, geometric spaces. Zema paid particular attention to making certain his homes blended seamlessly with their physical environments, allowing the surrounding natural ecosystems to thrive. He was the architect of a home in Sheridan Heights that was awarded a Home of the Year prize from the AIA (American Institute of Architects). His designs enhanced the innate beauty of this region for many years, and he was truly one of the city’s most beloved artists.


3919 48th Avenue NE (Laurelhurst)

This bold modernist masterpiece sits in the heart of Seattle’s sophisticated Laurelhurst neighborhood. Reflecting Zema’s penchant for residential designs blending seamlessly with their settings, it expertly incorporates natural elements as well as expansive windows and skylights. Soaring ceilings and views of the Cascade Mountains enhance the enchanting interior spaces. A stylishly intimate garden is representative of Zema’s keen attention to outdoor living areas. Junior represented the seller in the 2023 sale of this property.


Ralph Anderson

Born on October 21, 1924, Ralph Anderson received his Washington State architectural license in 1954 after graduating from the University of Washington three years prior. Known mainly as a modernist, the Seattle native found inspiration in the rugged, wooded environment of the Pacific Northwest and became strongly associated with preservationism. These styles would resonate throughout his career, which blossomed after working for a decade building houses on Mercer Island and in Bellevue. In the 1960s, Anderson became one of the most important figures in the redevelopment of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle, as well as the remodeling of several historical buildings in the Pike-Market neighborhood. Anderson passed away in 2010, but his influence lives on in the bones of homes and other buildings all over Seattle and its surrounding suburbs.


5528 S Othello St (Seward Park)


Breathtaking vistas overlooking Lake Washington, verdant, Asian-inspired gardens and Anderson’s signature style separate this Seward Park home from the pack. An open floorplan highlights his influence on the home, which has fused together a mixture of eclectic styles through the years. Junior represented the seller when this home went on the market in 2022.

2242 12th Ave W (Queen Anne)

The Queen Anne neighborhood was very special to Anderson and this landmark home reflects the spirit of the surrounding area and many of the architect’s signature qualities. Originally built in 1965, the home features spectacular views of Elliot Bay, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Junior represented the seller of the home, which was purchased in 2021.


Jim Olson

A founding partner at Olson Kundig, Jim Olson’s work can be seen around the world, from Seattle to Sydney to Berlin. Born in 1940 and educated at the University of Washington, Olson’s work has capitalized on the natural beauty found in each region where he builds. A focus on the aesthetic interplay of art, nature, and architecture, as well as the relationship between light and space has defined his career. Olson’s work has been featured in more than 1,000 publications worldwide, including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Architectural Digest. Under his leadership, Olson Kundig has received an Architecture Firm Award from the American Institute of Architects and has been named to the Top Ten Most Innovative Architecture Firms in Architecture list by Fast Company on four separate occasions.


2201 16th Ave E (Montlake)


Dramatically positioned deep within a secluded, arboreal section of Montlake, this stunning home fuses structural simplicity with elegant, cutting-edge details to reflect the unparalleled vibrancy so commonly associated with Olson’s work. Junior represented the buyer when this home was purchased in 2018.

Frank H. Perkins

Frank Herbert Perkins, originally from Southern California, would not arrive in Seattle until he was 53 years old in 1903. That didn’t stop him from building a legacy as one of the city’s premier architects, with a repertoire that included commercial buildings, homes, and apartment residences. Despite being arrested in 1905 for putting up a two-story building without a proper foundation, Perkins was one of just seven architects working in Seattle at the time, so his business flourished, and his reputation grew. It was widely reported that he had more than 100 standardized residential designs on retainer, and he churned through projects with a remarkable alacrity in the 1910s and 1920s. One of the city’s most notable neighborhoods, Capitol Hill, was built with many of his designs through commissions from the H.S. Turner Company and investor C.E. Farnsworth. Perkins passed away on May 2, 1929.


1824 24th Ave E (Montlake)

Elegantly designed and built in 1910, this Montlake beauty features plenty of period-specific touches highlighting Perkins’ signature approach. Leaded windows, mahogany millwork, box-beam ceilings, and more exquisite detailing permeate this unique property. Junior represented the seller when the home sold in 2021.


Robert Humble

A Texas native, Robert Humble spent a decade making a name for himself in Seattle after moving to the area in 1993. In 2003, Humble became a founding partner at Hybrid Architecture, a role he still occupies today in addition to being a design principal at the firm. Robert’s work at Hybrid helped the firm earn a 2019 AIA Award of Honor for its work in urban infill multi-family design, build and development. Through the years, Humble’s work has taken a creative approach, delicately balancing elegance, efficiency, affordability, and sustainability to produce high-density, modern designs from the ground up. Humble and Hybrid continue to evolve with their surroundings to this day, with a unique focus across many disciplines that enhances urban redevelopment in Seattle and its surrounding areas.


3802 24th Ave S (Jefferson Park)


Conspicuously positioned with sleek interiors and an extraordinary exterior design to match, this Jefferson Park home known as Hill House has all the elements Humble and Hybrid pride themselves on achieving in their projects. Junior represented the buyer when this home was purchased in 2021.

Additional Properties

Through the years, Junior has also worked with several other local architects and designers on some stunning homes in the area, including the following:

4376 91st St (Mercer Island)

Junior represented the buyer of this classic Dallas Ziegler-designed mid-century modern when the home sold in 2018. Originally built in 1959, an elegant backyard oasis, serene greenbelt and peek-a-boo views of Lake Washington made this home stand out.


9671 46th Ave SW (Fauntleroy)


A sublime fusion of wood, glass and stone seamlessly connected the fabled outdoors of the PNW region with an air of interior elegance in this modern marvel. Designed by local architect Terry Murakami, Junior represented the seller when this home sold in 2018.

2319 Federal Ave E (North Capitol Hill)

This ultra-chic North Capitol Hill masterpiece was remodeled with a floorplan that you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else in Seattle. Designed with exquisite details by local designer Marc Blackwell, this home was sold in 2021, with Junior representing the buyer.


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